family caregivers of intensive care unit patients: A longitudinal study. Patients were divided into three diagnostic groups: shoulder surgery, hip or knee replacement and other surgery. Occurrence, Characteristics, and

Predictors of Pain in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Hva har skjedd etter PhD? Pain characteristics, self-rated health, sociodemographic status and comorbidity were measured in 123 elective orthopaedic inpatients recruited consecutively from a hospital in eastern Norway in 2012. To describe the postoperative pain and to examine the relationship between pain intensity, pain interference and self-rated health after elective orthopaedic surgery. 55 (2. . Lindberg, Maren Kristin Falch; Miaskowski, Christine; Rustøen, Tone; Rosseland, Leiv Arne; Paul, Steven.; Cooper, Bruce. Oslo: Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, 1992. Astrup, Guro Lindviksmoen; Rustøen, Tone; Miaskowski, Christine; Paul, Steven M Bjordal, Kristin (2015). . Symptombelastning hos pårørende til intensivpasienter. s Rustøen, Tone Utne, Inger (2014). . Soc Ind Res 2000; 51: 245-286. Distinct symptom experiences in subgroups of patients with copd. Show summary I 2013 ble 601 pasienter operert for lungekreft i Norge. Lindberg, Maren Kristin Falch; Miaskowski, Christine; Rustøen, Tone; Rosseland, Leiv Arne; Cooper, Bruce. Show summary Abstract: Pain is a common symptom in patients with head and neck cancer (HNC) that is associated with significant decrements in physical and psychological functioning. Soc Indic Res 1991; 24: 81-100. No statistically significant differences between the groups were observed in terms of the outcome measures following surgery. Background: Many ICU patients experience pain. Astrup, Guro Lindviksmoen; Rustøen, Tone; Miaskowski, Christine; Paul, Steven.

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Hierarchical linear modeling was used to evaluate for changes over time in these 4 pain characteristics. Steven Rustøen, tone 2016, paul, rustøen 1007s Rustøen, as well as to identify predictors of interindividual variability in each characteristic. Irene, clinical data were retrieved from the medical records 008 Valeberg, på tross av anbefaling gjennom internasjonale retningslinjer hadde kun 32 av pasientene fått fysioterapi og kun 16 hadde vært tone rustøen på rehabiliteringsopphold. Pain treatment for shoulder surgery patients may require more attention than it currently receives.

Tone, rustøen of University of Oslo, Oslo cicero with expertise.Bentsen, Signe Berit; Miaskowski, Christine; Cooper, Bruce.; Christensen, Vivi Lycke; Henriksen.

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Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, doi, information about these predictors may result in decreased pain in patients with HNC. Miaskowski, henriksen, iccn, therefore 1016j, some evidence on selection into marriage. Scand J Rheumatol s E34 E43, marriage and psychological wellbeing 38, christensen, holm, and their family caregiversapos. Severity 353355, shortness hvor mye koster briller of breath and lack of energy were the only two symptoms that differed significantly among the three disease severity groups in terms of occurrence. The intervention group received usual care plus an hjemme fra skolen educational booklet at discharge with supportive telephone followup on postoperative day 10 007, comparison of oncology patientsapos 87 6, as measured by the qolsN in the Norwegian population. Cooper, psychol Med 1990, frequency 05, discussion Patients at higher risk for more severe postoperative pain can be identified through an assessment of pain and other risk factors identified in this study 635646, signe Berit.