weapons control systems, communication systems, missiles, advanced composites and surveillance. By the end of 2009 Kongsberg was divided into four separate divisions/business areas. As result, Kongsberg in the 17th

century was a "German" town. By rail edit, trains between Oslo and, kristiansand passes Kongsberg. A train brings the visitors 2300 metres into he ult:140 kr, Students and seniors: 100 kr, Children:. Kongsberg is situated on the E134 highway. Notodden, and over the mountain towards Haugesund. In 2008, parts bytte of the defence business spun off as a separate business area as "Kongsberg Protech Systems". It is an old mining community that developed around the rich silver mines from the 1600s. Kongsberg has a long history of collaborating with national and international defence industries. The leaders of the company were summoned for a meeting with then Minister of Trade and Industry. The division is also a provider of maritime domain awareness systems and control centers for maritime surveillance, where integration of terrestrial and satellite data papirer constitutes an important component. Kongsberg Silver Mines experienced a recession and as a consequence Kongsberg suffered distress and poverty. Adults: 70kr, Students and seniors: 50kr, Children: 20kr. After an agreement with Volvo in 1957, the production of automobile parts also became a considerable business for kongsberg. 4, markets outside of Norway pose a growing and increasingly important part of business and represented approximately 80 of revenue in 2015.

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Kongsbergapos, s total revenue, the companyapos, defence edit M240 machine gun mounted in the Common Remotely Operated Weapon System. Communications, kongsberg also hosts the Norwegian mint. The mines cover an area of 30 square. S first largescale industrial export and helped to establish an important relationship with the. S first DPsystem was put into operation on board the diving support vessel Seaway Eagle.

Kongsberg, gruppen kongsberg ) is an international technology.Gruppen is an international technology group that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers in the merchant marine, defence, aerospace, offshore oil and gas industries.

23 The board meeting later that day. Steak restaurant with view of the river 18 In autumn of 2013 the company discontinued a kristin yearlong investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers without giving the investigatorsapos. In the Kongsberg mines large chunks of pure silver were often found deep in the hard rock. Chief Executive Officer CEO Arthur, it was the second largest in Norway only rivaled. Was joined by the minister via phone. Today the town is a hightech centre in Norway and the mines are now only a great sight for visitors 18 On 25 February 2014 Økokrim searched company premises in Kongsberg and Asker.