selfie shared on a private Instagram account to a group of friends will likely be interpreted differently from a similiar image published in a newspaper. Jenners photo is an

example of the way that death is frequently aestheticized in Western visual culture, and we could certainly take the analysis of the image much further by thinking about why a photo showing Jenner as a dead virgin is the most liked. Here are the hand signs used by one lip-syncer to perform a 15 second jill walker rettberg sample from the song Too Good by Drake and Rihanna. In theatre, some critics use the term representational acting to describe the naturalistic form of theatre where actors do not acknowledge the presence of the audience. The drawings are fascinating: I think its important to think of the hand signs as performance, and in the theatrical or musical sense, not in the more generalised sense that Goffman used for a metaphor, where all social interaction is performative. Rettberg, copyright 2014 Publisher Palgrave Macmillan UK Copyright Holder The Editor(s) (if applicable) and the Author(s) eBook isbn DOI.1057/ Hardcover isbn Edition Number 1 Number of Pages viii, 101 Topics close page 1 page. Yesterday I dropped by the 4S conference: Society for Social Studies of Science. Importantly, the content was released under a Creative Commons license, explicitly encouraging reuse (far more open than many commercially-backed moocs). This project is a needed leap in visual aesthetic research. Seeing selfies and blogposts as representations is something that makes sense if you are considering them as texts to be interpreted or from the point of view of media studies. Importantly, the chapter will also outline the second phase which produced a further six weeks of the course via a workshop run at the AoIR conference, where the course was discussed, analysed, tested, jill walker rettberg critiqued, and ultimately extended. That makes the paper more visible. Nancy Baym and Tarleton Gillespie at Microsoft Researchs Social Media Collective have also invited me to attend their weekly meetings, and the couple of meetings Ive been at so far have been really inspiring. Paintings of Ophelia usually show her hair floating out in the water she lies in, and her dress is often shown as white. This chapter is co-authored by a number of initial writers of the six-week course, as well as one author who contributed during the AoIR workshop. Jenner is laid out like a corpse, with her hands folded as is traditional in Western funerals, and her eyes are closed. Machine vision challenges existing research and develops new empirical analyses and a cohesive theory of everyday machine vision. Thats important, because without realising that, we might think the hand signs are just redundant. Hall describes three theories of representation: reflective, intentional and constructive. However, there is a long history of different forms of distance education, and more recently online education, which proceeded the mooc era. It was a two hour wait. An almost opposite use is found in the field of interpersonal communication, where John Fiske explains that representational codes produce a text that can stand alone, whereas presentational codes are indexical and cannot stand for something apart from themselves and their encoder, that is the. The word or sign is the signifier and the object the sign refers to is the signified. Here it is again. A presentation is an act, something that a person does, so talking about presentations allows us to analyse the way that the person acts to present themselves. One such alternative is the Selfie Course, a collaboratively authored online course which, in the first instance, was crafted by twelve online educators from seven different countries producing an initial six-week course, that was then refined and expanded into a full twelve-week course during.

Signifiant and signifié, other scholars simply dont use the terms. To newsletters, nothing else, laksevåg boligbyggelag representations can have different meanings in different cultures and in different contexts. Who prefers a phenomenological approach, as her hands are visible in the frame. The thing is, she uses vision as a metaphor for the way science has tended to imagine knowledge about the world. Arguing that focusing on the visual artifact of a selfie often means neglecting the fleshy producer of the image. And wrote the abbreviations sa and sé all over the blackboard.

I m, jill Walker Rettberg, professor of digital culture at the University of Bergen.Blogging here since October 2000.Jill Walker Rettberg, a professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen in Norway, and I do research on how people tell stories online.

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Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, it is often impossible to keep those contexts separate from each other. Digital Culture Education, theyll store your phone and other small items in a box at the gate. Theyre just repeating the same things that are said in the lyrics of the song. So the room was full of silent people with no phones. Or, she performs the words Im way too good to you. The project is planned to begin in the second half of, ophelia by John Everett Millais 1852. And 2 ethnographic studies of users. Machine jill walker rettberg vision has become part of the everyday life of ordinary people.

The course was refined using social media and online collaborative authoring tools, and released publicly via a bespoke website.You cant search for eating disorder-related hashtags, but there are other ways to find it, and if you look at that kind of content, the platforms offer you more, in quite jarring ways.