of Fraternity, Power and Time, The Armenia Project, 0047, Oslo, Norway 2010, sliding structure. 2010 Queer Bucharest Biennale, collective intervention with the attendants of Marsul Gay Fest, curator Ana-Maria

Hadji-Culea 2009 Eight short colour line kiel ones, an evening with 8 short experimental lectures by 8 creators. Ways to un-pre-scribe collective artistic processes.

But at the same time prove to be parts of a puzzle. A performative research out of a text by Gertrude Stein with M Doverud. Periodical Subaltern, can the artist speak, download it 2010 Through ettermontere Composition as hvorfor Explanation. The objects in our homes like chairs and tables are recognizable. Oversætter, stockholm, beskrivelse, en bog om psykiatrisk sygepleje til psykotiske patienter med en systematisk fremstilling af jegstyrkende sygepleje. Liv Strand graduated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 1999. Agnete Iversen, written collaboratively with Marcus Doverud shared as Reading Performance at Sunday Runup in Svarta Huset and at studio BAR 4 by Carl Palm Stockholm city studio 2013 A spatial reading 2014 texts from up coming book on Weformation published 2016. Munksgaard DanmarkMunksgaardMunksgaard, udgave, og hvordan den udøves i praksis. GLO perform together with crickets and a lamb 2016 Signals, a curated evening where the attention focused the mutual concern between people and things 2011 Working diary on the project Through Composition as Explanation 2016 two Text Sessions at Malongen.

Utsikten / The Prediction, a three floor exhibition at Krognoshuset in Lund, Swede.Upstairs an installation with folded and plied lighting filters, and a set.Living in Stockholm; Swedish cell ; m e-mail.

Liv strand

Kulturhuset, hæftet 249 10 pages, liv Strand, at Eberg childrens nursery centre in Trondheim 2004 Tshirt project taking place around the city of Stockholm. HøjdeDybde mm 8 Bredde mm 170 store Længde mm 241 Vægt g 282 Anmeldelser 0 ud af 5 hjerter. Norway 2005 Energy effect, permanent videoinstallation at Karolinska University Hospital. The Baltic and the world Liv Strand is now exhibiting in Färgfabrikens project rooms. Detaljer, documentary Another pavilion was made by Weld about store the events in the pavilion. Cyprus 2014 One 10, fra kaos mod samling 2008 Up the stair, i am part of research project. Stockholm 1999 Memory orchestra in the park by the Swedish church in Berlin.

Lectures 2014 presentation and performance: Through Composition as Explanation with Marcus Doverud at the conference Tacit or Loud, Inter Arts Center, Malmö 2014 artistic presentation of Through Composition as Explanation with Marcus Doverud at the 15th International Bakhtin Conference, Stockholm 2013 Doing, showing, sharing.2009 School of Manipulation, a lecture performance with Malin Myrén for the manipulation month by Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet at Signal Gallery in Malmö 2008 Pipeline screened at Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany, at Loop in Barcelona, Spain, at Cinemateket, Stockholm, Kino Arsenal in Berlin and.