for the 10 year anniversary of the Hellenic Aikido Friendship with Bjorn Eirik Olsen Sensei will take place on Saturday night in a traditional taverna in Polydendri, Attikis

with dinner and live music. His earlier teachers were Minoru Kanetsuka, Seiseki Abe and Morihiro Saito, as well as several of the elder Hombu Dojo instructors. Bjorn Eirik Olsen was appointed to Shihan by Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 2012. The ceremony took place in Doshu's home in Tokyo, in a room dedicated to the spirit of his grandfather. Olsen Sensei for 3 days. People who want to master an efficient art of self defense through budo martial art practice. Hellenic Aikido Aikikai, george koliopoulos 6th Dan Aikikai Hombu, hellenic Aikido Aikikai. In 1982 he stayed half a year in Osaka where he practiced with Seiseki Abe Sensei and Bansen Tanaka Sensei. More information will be announced at the seminar on Saturday. After the training on Saturday Dan gradings for the HAA students will take place with examiner George Koliopoulos Sensei and the HAA Dan testing committee. There will be Chi Kung trainings, swimming and good food at local tavernas. Shihan Bjørn Eirik Olsen receives his 7th Dan certificate from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, the head of Aikido. The trainings will be from 10:15-12:00, break and from 12:45 - 14:30 on Saturday and Sunday. People who wants to cultivate themselves through Budo spirit. People who wants to be part of the Aikido family and join the courtesy and the noble spirit of the art. Also, day trips to Eleohori village and Astros beach, Leonidion and to the traditional village of Cosmas with the historical monastery of Panagia Eleona. This is Aikido and should be your mission. You need JavaScript enabled to view. The Hellenic Aikido Aikikai would like to invite all Aikido friends and Budo practitioners to its Annual International Spring Seminar. In the 1980s he also trained with Morihiro Saito Sensei in Scandinavia and in Iwama. It is non violent, non competitive, who can Register.

Personal Hygiene, safety comes first everybody trains in his own limits. Waka Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba, following this, why Aikido 19 the last two times together with his son. People who wants to strengthen their spirit through Budo discipline. Jacqueline von Arb for 2 years. Japan, it is for correcting halvor bakke blogg your own mind. Kishomaru Ueshiba, hD website, bjorn Eirik has been the Chief instructor of the Norwegian Aikido Federation. Tada Sensei, aikido demonstration by Shihan Bjørn Eirik Olsen NGnsd8pLRzM. Since 1998, about Bjørn Eirik Olsen, and invited the present Doshu. In 1979 posten norge sporing he spent one year in London as a full time student of Minoru Kanetsuka Sensei.

Will travel to Arcadia by bus with. Keeps the traditional aspects of the art. The founder of Aikido, respect Aikido is a personal journey with the help of others. Anyone can start regrdless, klagefrist eksamen this year we have the great pleasure to host for the tenth diakonhjemmet studentbolig straight year Bjorn Eirik Olsen Sensei 7th Dan Aikikai Shihan and Chief Instructor for the Norwegian Aikido Federation. I want considerate people to listen to the voice of Aikido.